Learn How To Invest In Real Estate From Minnesota's Top Investor...
Learn How To Invest In Real Estate From Minnesota's Top Investor...
Andrey Sokurec is hosting a FREE real estate investing masterclass in Minneapolis on Sep 29th @ 11am
Learn My Success-Proven Blueprint From Over 1000 Real Estate Deals Closed Within 13+ Years
  •  How to find profitable deals in your local market
  •  How to quickly flip your deals for profit 
  •  What is working right now in the twin cities real estate market 
  •  How to wholesale, invest in rental properties, flip properties and more  
  •  Get the proven processes and systems I use in my real estate investing business that does 8-figures in annual revenue
Get The Step-By-Step Process To
Close Your First Deal In 60 Days
If you want to increase your income..
build wealth or steady financial cushion for retirement...
finally quit your job...
travel more, spend more time with your family...
or live the life that YOU want...
Then I can show you how to achieve that through real estate investing.
What Others Are Saying About Our Real Estate Investing Training...

“This is the first seminar where I felt it was really teaching me to succeed not just pitching for them to get more money out of me”
— April Klegin

“I came in here not knowing what to expect, had a shady attitude about this and from the first lecture, I stayed focused the entire time!”
— Chris Shorn

“Homestead Road taught me the variety of ways to structure a deal to fix any situation”
— Joseph Weatherly

“Andrey and Alex were very open and up front with how they run their business and gave a lot of great information to use for my business. They gave me the confidence to get started!”
— Jake Hilden

“Andrey and Alex are incredible in how they came to USA w/o capital and living the American dream. They are local and willing to help others to engage in gainful Real Estate”
— P. H.

“Attending the 3 day seminar gave me a purpose, goals and inspiration to take the next step”
— Kurt Sutherland

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes in so many ways. I’m looking forward to joining your club!”
— Stella Ashland

“This is the most valuable real estate training I have ever attended. Andrey doesn’t hold any secrets back.”
— Jaden Ghylin

“I really was blown away by the amount of info covered here. Knowledge could be applied to more than real estate!”
— Spencer Larson

“Andrey and Alex have created an excellent introduction to this business. Perfect blend of approach and inspiration; practical strategies with a growth mindset. Looking forward to continued partnership!”
— Tammy Quist

“Andrey and Alex along with all the speakers showed a sincere interest in everyone attending. Their passion for real estate is obvious along with their continued efforts to improve themselves and their processes in the real estate industry”
— Mark Koritz

“I thank God for the seminar. The reality of the truth is that he taught in 3 days, makes me wanna partner with him so bad I can’t even think twice.”
— Edith Hudson

“Andrey and Alex are the best in their field that I have ever met in the twin cities. They are also very high in character. I highly recommend their training”
— Jeremy Karja

“This 3 day class session has really helped. It’s easier to know what’s going on in the real estate world.”
— Amanda Xiong

“This training is a great tool to get started in RE Investment. Real scenarios, examples and deal structuring are amazing.”
— Faith Crump

About Andrey Sokurec

Andrey Sokurec is a native of Belarus, formerly of the U.S.S.R. He moved to America in 2004, believing it to be the best place to realize his dreams. By day he worked as a manual laborer, and by night he read books on business success.

He purchased his first investment property in 2005 and has completed more than $100 million in real estate transactions since then, building a large portfolio of houses. 

He has become a recognized authority in real estate as the founder of Midwest Real Estate Investment Association, as host of the TV show The Real Deal in Real Estate, and as a frequent guest presenter at investment summits and training seminars across the U.S. 

He co-founded Homestead Road to integrate the entire process of buying homes, restoring them to marketability, and “homesteading” families. 

In addition, Andrey mentors aspiring real estate investors through his training program that offers workshops, events and guides for individuals looking to build wealth through real estate. He lives with his wife and three children in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

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